Winterize/De-Winterize | Don’t Go Crazy… Call Cray Plumbing

Thermal insulationIn the Pacific Northwest, we see some pretty cold winters, and winterization is an important part of home maintenance. Failing to winterize your pipes, hoses, and faucets could lead to freezing and bursting problems. The team at Cray Plumbing offers complete seasonal winterization services leading up to winter as well as de-winterization services for spring. Avoid costly repairs and prepare your pipes for the winter with our home winterization services.

Homeowners can complete some winterization tasks on their own, but our services provide complete winterization that saves time and guarantees home protection. If you go south during the winter, travel for work, or head out for a vacation, professional winterization will give you peace of mind when you leave. To schedule winterization or de-winterization services, contact Cray Plumbing today. Our service areas include Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco, WA.

During our complete winterization services, we will:

  • Inspect all potentially affeted pipes for weakness and damage
  • Insulate exterior pipes and faucets
  • Blow out plumbing lines for complete drainage
  • Remove and drain all exterior hoses, unused appliances, and fixtures for winter storage
  • Provide helpful advice for plumbing updates and protection to keep your home winter-friendly year after year