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Tub and Shower Services | Don’t Go Crazy… Call Cray Plumbing

Modern design of bathroomTubs and showers handle a large volume of water on a daily basis. Plumbing leaks in tubs and showers can increase your water bill, cause permanent water damage, and become an annoying reminder that you have yet another item on your to-do list.

Never let a tub or shower leak bother you again when you keep our phone number, (509) 783-7922, handy. At Cray Plumbing, serving the Tri-Cities area, we fix bathroom leaks and replace faulty or old-fashioned fixtures for our customers. Let us worry about your home or office’s plumbing so you can concentrate on more-important matters.

Our Approach to Water Leaks

Our team of trained, drug-tested, background-checked technicians will come out to your property and use professional detection equipment to locate the exact source of the leak. We pride ourselves on providing some of the fastest repair turnaround times in the area. Often, we can fix the problem on the same day as your appointment.

If a faulty or broken fixture is causing the problem, we’ll let you know so that you can pick out the perfect replacement. Our team will happily install the new fixture for you, so you can get back to enjoying your baths and showers, leak-free.

Contact us for Anytime Replacement Services

Have a new fixture but not the tools to make a replacement? Give us a call and we’ll come out and install your new tub or shower fixture to reduce the likelihood of future leaks and give you the tub or shower experience you’ve always wanted.

Whenever you need tub or shower work, remember the team at Cray Plumbing in Kennewick, WA.

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