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Ice Maker Repair | Don’t Go Crazy… Call Cray Plumbing

iStock_000033375640_SmallSome people can easily go without ice and never miss the taste of a freshly iced beverage or smoothie. Others use ice on a daily basis, making an ice maker a must-have appliance in the modern home. At Cray Plumbing, serving the Tri-Cities region, we can repair broken ice makers in your refrigerator/freezer and install new ice makers that work like a charm.

Common Ice Maker Problems

You may need an ice maker repair service if your ice machine is producing hollow cubes, failing to produce ice at all, or if it continues to run when not in use. If you have a built-in ice maker in your new refrigerator, an older model, or a commercial ice maker, you may need a repair professional to help you troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

The team at Cray Plumbing can repair or replace ice makers from all major makes and models. Make sure your glass of tea is ice cold and eliminate the need for cumbersome, old-fashioned ice trays with our comprehensive ice maker services. You deserve a refrigerator that reliably produces ice throughout the year.

For more information about ice makers on the fritz or installing a new appliance, contact us today.

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